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Daycare Injuries

Even if you as a parent have put in the time and care necessary to select a qualified daycare, injuries to children still occur. Physical abuse, unsafe playgrounds or equipment, or negligent caregivers can place your child in harm’s way. The whole family is affected when a child is injured.

Injuries to children are often more troubling than those to adults. It is hard for adults to assess the impact an injury has on a child as their communication skills often are not up to the task. It is also difficult to predict what the possible long term effects are when a child is involved. Thus, it is essential to have professionals carefully evaluate injuries to children and assess the full impact they will experience.

There are special concerns about cases involving children. Because of those concerns, a court must approve all settlements of cases involving minor children and special safeguards are often placed to protect settlement funds.

It is also essential that the professionals working with the child’s family be sensitive to the needs of the child. Being hurt is scary enough. Dealing with the legal system can also be traumatic if not approached by a caring, protective professional.

If your child has been injured, then please contact one of our experienced attorneys.


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