Burn Injuries

Dehumidifier Fire Attorneys

If your home has been damaged by a fire caused by a defective dehumidifier, you probably already know that your homeowner’s insurance should pay for repairs to your property.  But you might not know that you could be entitled to receive additional compensation for the injury or emotional harm that you and your family suffered because of the fire caused by the bad dehumidifier.  Let the lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys help your family.

Losing your personal items — your grandma’s Bible that was used during your parents’ wedding, your great uncle’s rifle that he bought before the turn of the century, even precious newer items like your son’s first baby shoes — can be emotionally devastating to you and your family.  When your family is dealing with the physical tragedy of losing a home, the loss of your family’s keepsakes makes a bad situation even worse.

When a dehumidifier overheats and catches fire, causing your home to be damaged or destroyed, a personal injury attorney might be to help you.  The personal injury lawyers at Carr & Carr have experience helping families who are dealing with the injuries or emotional aftermath of a house fire, helping to recover damages for families who have suffered the trauma of losing personal belongings.

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