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Injuries To Infants And Children

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that from 2005 to 2007, 265 children under the age of five died from accidents associated with nursery products.  Ninety percent of those fatalities involved:

  • mattresses or cribs
  • bassinets or cradles
  • baby baths, bath seats or bathinettes
  • playpens or play yards
  • infant carriers and car seat carriers.

Cribs And Mattresses

The majority of these deaths were due to the presence of extra bedding in the crib, which leads to the tragic asphyxiation of the infant.  Approximately 37 percent of the deaths were due to a range of deadly hazards including incomplete assembly; missing, broken or non-functioning components; or ineffective crib repairs.  The next most common cause of crib fatalities involved hazardous surroundings in and around the crib.  Examples include:

  • entrapment where a baby can become wedged between extra mattresses or cushions and the crib frame
  • strangulation resulting from cords or strings near the crib
  • suffocation from plastic bags which were near the crib.

Bassinets And Cradles

Of the 43 deaths reported in cradles or bassinets, the majority involved extra bedding.  Nearly half of these suffocation deaths involved pillows, while the next most common cause of death related to bassinets involved babies becoming entrapped or wedged between the bassinet frame and the mattress.  Some mattresses in bassinets and cradles may not be designed to ensure babies can be safely placed in the bed.graph of children under 5 who died from a nursery product from 2005-2007

Bath Seats, Baby Baths And Bathinettes

Bath time turned deadly for 32 babies between 2005 and 2007.  Each of these deaths occurred when a parent or caregiver did not give their full attention to the infant while the baby was in the bath tub.  In most of these circumstances, the baby was left unattended or with an older sibling in the tub.

Playpens And Play Yards

Play yards and playpens were associated with deaths of 29 young children from 2005 to 2007.  Most of the deaths were due to positional asphyxia.  This happens when the infant became wedged between the mattress and a side of the play yard or playpen.  This resulted in the baby being strangled or suffocated as a result of the of environment around the play area.  Suffocation from bedding accounted for the next largest number of deaths.  Playpens and play yards should be designed so that babies are not able to get between the mattress and the side of the play area.

Infant Seats And Car Seat Carriers

For the same years, 27 deaths were associated with infant carriers and car seat carriers.  The majority of these tragic deaths were due to strangulation because infants became entangled in the restraint straps.  The second most common problem involved carriers tipping over, frequently when the carriers were placed on nonrigid surfaces.

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