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June 17, 2011 9:35 am

Safe products are a priority for U.S. families.  We don’t want our babies to sleep in drop-side cribs that have a risk of strangulation or suffocation.  We don’t want our toddlers playing with toys that may come apart and cause choking.  We don’t want to warm our homes with space heaters that carry a high risk of fire danger.   And now knowing where to turn for reliable product safety information is much easier.  As part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched  At this website, consumers can submit reports of harm or risks of harm from products, and search for safety information on products they want to buy.   In addition, the CSPC can now identify hazards more quickly and provide more up-to-date safety information.

The website is a searchable database that you can check to see if others have submitted reports of harm or risk related to consumer products.  This means you now have an avenue to see if certain products like toys, cribs, household items and power tools are listed as unsafe.  You will be able to search products that pose a fire, mechanical, electrical or chemical hazard, or can injure children.  The site does not deal with costs or perceived quality of products.  It is focuses on safety in consumer products.

Reports of harmful products are submitted by:

  • consumers including people who have used the product in question
  • attorneys, investigators and engineers
  • local, state and federal government agencies and child service providers
  • healthcare professionals
  • public safety entities

Since the website was launched in January 2011, roughly 1500 reports have been filed by consumers nationwide. When reporting an unsafe or potentially unsafe product, it is important that consumers make sure the information they provide the CSPC is true and as accurate as possible.  The website has videos that show you how to file a report, search for potentially unsafe products and respond if you are representing a business.

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