A. Laurie Koller

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Why do people look at Bio pages? You might want to know if the lawyer is someone who will listen. You definitely want to know if this attorney has the experience to handle your case.

I WILL LISTEN. I was born in a coal mining town in West Virginia. My great grandfather died in a mine cave-in. I understand the hardship that a serious injury can cause on a family. My parents moved to Oklahoma when I was a little child. I was raised in Tulsa and went to public schools, graduating as a proud Hornet from Booker T. Washington. I learned to value the contributions that everyone brings to our community. Over my years at Carr & Carr my fondest memories are based on the relationships I have with the people who are our clients. What gets me up in the morning is the chance to use my skills to help other people in our community. Knowing how to help starts with listening.

I KNOW HOW: I went to a prestigious university on scholarship. I learned that it is really hard to be the outsider, but that the benefits of hard work are available to everyone. I have tried over 70 cases of many different kinds and in many different courts. Even with this experience, I spend a great deal of time each year learning new trial techniques, studying cutting-edge jury research, and practicing to see what actually works in each specific case. I’ve helped hundreds of other people settle their cases. For each person, the decision on what the best outcome looks like is something that they and I discuss early and continue to discuss as the case is developed. Not everyone wants the same thing. And there are many paths to get to an outcome that makes sense for you.

There are many fine lawyers in our state who can help people with their cases. There are only a handful who also know how to try your case in front of an Oklahoma jury. Not every case needs an experienced trial lawyer, but if you do, I would be happy to listen to you.


  • 1988 – Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, cum laude with distinction, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
  • 1991 – Juris Doctor, School of Law, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

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