Child Abuse Within Youth Organizations

Family always comes first, at Carr & Carr we know the most important job you have in life is to protect your family.  When you take your child to a youth organization, or a day care, you expect that your child is in good hands and that they will be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and child abuse can occur in these organizations. If this difficult event does happen, the attorneys at Carr & Carr can help the family with:

  • Filing a claim against the person or facility responsible for the abuse
  • Help refer you to counselors who specialize in child abuse
  • Protect your family from the media
  • Help you understand your rights and your child’s rights
  • Make sure any medical issues are considered

Common Signs of Child Abuse:

  • Sleep disturbances- wetting the bed etc.
  • Increased aggression
  • Inappropriate interest in sexual matters
  • Intense fear of going to the youth organization

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If you suspect that your child has been a victim of abuse you should contact a lawyer at Carr & Carr Attorneys, 877-392-4878 today.

Video Transcription:

If you have been abused as a child particularly in a youth organization you should tell DHS Department Human Services right away and law enforcement personnel because there are some things they can do. Also, you can think about a civil lawsuit brought against the abuser and the association’s he was a member of at the time of the abuse.
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