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Defective Blenders and Food Processors

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Popular Appliances are Injuring Consumers

Food processors and blenders have been sold for years to people for personal use in their homes and to professionals in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

They are great for chopping ingredients for recipes or making your morning smoothie. Unfortunately, there are some blenders and food processors being sold that are dangerously defective and causing consumers to have fingers chopped off. 

Carr and Carr has represented consumers who were injured by certain defective blenders and food processors. 

Shark Ninja Nutri Ninja Blender

Shark Ninja has been sued because consumers are being injured by their blenders exploding during use.   This causes shrapnel from the canister to go flying into the consumer’s face.  Also, it leaves the blade exposed which can cause it to come into contact with the consumer’s hand. 

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Carr and Carr represented Richard Snyder in a lawsuit against Shark Ninja. Snyder lost two fingers when the canister of his Shark Ninja Nutri Ninja BL-480 shot off the base during use.  The spinning blades came into contact with Richard’s hand and cut off two of his fingers.  

We alleged that the blender allowed an excessive amount of pressure to build within the canister when ingredients are blended which caused the blender’s canister to explode or shoot off the blender’s base during use.  The lawsuit eventually settled.

Despite many consumers reporting that they have been injured by a defect in their Shark Ninja Nutri Ninja blender, Shark Ninja has not recalled any of its blenders for this safety issue. 

 The following Shark Ninja Models may be effected: BL456, BL451, BL580, BL770, QB3001SS, BL455_30, BL660, BL480, BL480D, BL610, BL642, QB3000SS, NN102, BL682, BL641, NL642, BL687CO, BL687CO, NJ600WM30, BL494, NJ600, BL682Z, QB3004, BL456R, BL942, BL490, BL450, BL660, NNioo, BL492, BL492W, NJ600WMBF, BL486, BL486CO, BL451, BL450, QBiooo, NJ600, BL2013, BL681A, BL481, BL740, BL487.

GE Food Processor sold by Wal-Mart

GE Food Processor sold by Wal-Mart

GE Food Processor, model number 169203, sold at Wal-Mart stores were sold in 2009 through 2011.  The food processor was designed with a safety interlock device so that it would not turn on when the lid to the food processor was removed.   This would ensure that a consumer’s hand would never come into contact with a spinning blade. 

Unfortunately, the safety interlock was defective.  Usually, a consumer would become hurt by this product when the lid is removed and the consumer is pushing down on the blade in the bowl of the food processor.  When this occurred, the blender would mistakenly power on and the blades would start spinning.

Carr and Carr filed lawsuits on behalf of four individuals in various states against Wal-Mart and General Electric concerning this food processor, each one resulting in a successful settlement. 

It was discovered through litigation that Wal-Mart was aware of the safety problems with this food processor before it began to sell it in stores but Wal-Mart chose to sell it anyway. 

As reports of injured consumers began to mount, Wal-Mart chose to keep selling the food processor rather than to take it off the shelf to investigate the issue. Although this increased Wal-Mart’s profits, it resulted in a mounting number of consumers having their fingers injured or chopped off.

Eventually, the Consumer Product Safety Commission wrote to Wal-Mart about this food processor which prompted Wal-Mart to issue a recall.   In total, Wal-Mart received at least 58 incident reports, resulting in 21 known injuries.


NutriBullet, sold from a variety of retailers, has caused dozens of people to become injured when the NutriBullet explodes. 

Although the NutriBullet has been recalled, the recall is not related to the current problem plaguing those NutriBullets that are exploding and causing consumers to suffer amputations, burns, and other kinds of disfigurement.

Much like the Nutri Ninja sold by Shark Ninja, the cause of these Nutribullets exploding is likely the heat and pressure inside the canister that builds up when the 600-watt motor is engaged.  When the pressure becomes too intense, the canister explodes. 

Publicly, Nutribullet is contesting these allegations and placing blame on the consumers.  This has led to numerous lawsuits being filed against Nutribullet and the retailer that sold Nutribullet.

If you have been injured by Nutribullet, you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries that you sustained.  The compensation can include compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Carr and Carr Attorneys have recovered for our clients in these types of cases. Please contact the product liability attorneys at Carr and Carr for a free evaluation.  Our lawyers work on a contingent-fee basis and only get paid when you get paid out of an agreed settlement or a verdict.

Our personal injury lawyers in Tulsa ,Oklahoma City, and Springdale, Arkansas represent people all over the United States and can help you no matter where you live.

We prosecute Food Processor and Blender cases all over the United States.

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