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Elmiron Lawsuits in Oklahoma

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The dangerous drug attorneys at Carr and Carr have been fighting for the rights of clients since 1973. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs have an obligation to ensure their products are safe for the consumer. We help injury victims fight for their financial needs brought on by medical expenses and other damages.

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron Lawsuits in Oklahoma

Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium or PPS) is a prescription blood thinner used for treating interstitial cystitis’ (painful bladder syndrome) symptoms.

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder condition that causes mild discomfort to severe pain. There is no cure, but symptoms can be managed with medications like Elmiron.  

Elmiron is thought to work by restoring a damaged, thin, or “leaky” bladder surface. This surface (glycosaminoglycans, or GAG layer) is composed of a coating of mucus, which protects the bladder wall from bacteria and irritating substances in the urine.

An estimated 200,000 cases of interstitial cystitis are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and Elmiron has been used to treat painful bladder syndrome since 1985.

What are Elmiron’s Side Effects?

According to their own website, the most common side effects of Elmiron are:

  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Bloody stool
  • Headaches
  • Rash
  • Upset stomach
  • Abnormal liver functions
  • Dizziness
  • Bruising

However, Elmiron has been linked to issues like ocular toxicity and irreversible vision damage (maculopathy) that may lead to blindness.

 In 2018, Dr. Nieraj Jain, a researcher at the Emory Eye Center at the Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, alerted the public that Elmiron is linked to this eye disease.

Maculopathy is any pathological condition of the macula, the central area in our retinas that are responsible for clear, 20/20 vision and lets us read and see in great detail.

Elmiron Lawsuits in Oklahoma

Laser treatments are the only current treatment of maculopathy. Even then, it does not reverse the damage done, but stop the disease’s progression.

In some cases, there are alternative treatments, but you should talk to your eye doctor to find what is best for you or your loved one’s situation.   

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At Carr & Carr, we believe the manufacturers should be held responsible for releasing dangerous drugs.

If you were injured by Elmiron or have been diagnosed with maculopathy, the experienced dangerous drug attorneys at Carr & Carr are here to fight for the financial peace of mind you need to cope with medical expenses and other damages.

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