Meet Carr & Carr's Newest Attorney, Ryan Childress
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Meet our newest attorney: Ryan Childress

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Carr & Carr Attorneys at Law invites you to get to know our newest lawyer, Ryan Childress, who is dedicated to helping clients seeking Social Security Disability benefits.

What do you want people to know about Carr & Carr and what you do here?

Carr & Carr Attorneys at Law is a group of advocates who care. My role is to help those who need help the most: clients trying to obtain disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Why did you choose to practice SSDI?

Attorney Ryan Childress

My Aunt Mary had a very lengthy, difficult, unnecessary battle with the Social Security Administration in her efforts to obtain benefits. Although she was eventually approved, it never should have taken as long as it did.  I want to make sure nobody ever goes through that again.

What have you gained from working at Carr & Carr?

A better sense of compassion for those who are truly unable to work. Many in our society think these folks are “lazy” or “unmotivated.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is your proudest moment in your career?

I represented a 28-year-old man who had a rare form of gastrointestinal cancer that essentially destroyed his large and small intestine. After another lawyer lost his hearing, I won the appeal and got the hearing remanded back to the Administrative Law Judge. I then represented the client at the hearing. After the hearing, the client hugged me, thanked me, and started crying. We received a fully favorable decision from the Administrative Law Judge. In other words, we got him approved for disability benefits even though he was only 28 years old.

Who supports you?

My best friend, Andy; all my tennis friends; and my adopted father, Big T.

What is on your wish list for the next 10 years?

I would like to be debt free, drive a Ford F-150 Raptor, deadlift 455 pounds (current PR is 425), perform over 200 unbroken double unders in two minutes (current PR is 150), and advance to nationals on my men’s tennis team.

What are 3 words to describe Carr & Carr?

Caring, Talented, and Aggressive

What fun fact do you want to share that most people don’t know about you?

I’m the first person in my entire family to obtain a college degree.

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