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Recall: Sabra Hummus Recall

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Sabra Hummus Recall

If you have recently bought Sabra hummus, you need to check on the recalls occurring right now. Over 30,000 cases of Sabra Hummus have been recalled due to potential Listeria contamination.

While some Listeria cases may cause high fevers and nausea, it can be fatal for people with already weakened immune systems. Young children and pregnant women are also susceptible to more severe cases of food-borne illness as well.

While the recall right now is voluntary, and there have been no reported illnesses associated with the hummus recall yet, consumers should still proceed with extreme caution. This is the second listeria-related recall to happen this week.

Blue Bell Creameries have also issued a recall on banana pudding ice cream which tested positive for Listeria as well.

The recalled products include:

  • Sabra Classic Hummus in 10-ounce sizes with UPC/SKU 040822011143 / 300067
  • Sabra Classic Hummus in 30-ounce sizes with UPC/SKU 040822014687 / 300074
  • Sabra Classic Hummus without Garnish in 32 ounce sizes with UPC/SKU 040822342049 / 301216
  • Sabra Classic Hummus in 17-ounce six-packs with UPC/SKU 040822017497 / 301290
  • Hummus Dual Pack Classic/Garlic 23.5 ounce with UPC/SKU 040822342209 / 301283

If you’ve been injured or hurt due to consuming Sabra Hummus that has been recalled, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Carr & Carr, at 1-866-510-0580.

We might be able to help you receive compensation allowed by law for damages or injuries. We work with individuals and families across the United States who have been hurt by dangerous products. It doesn’t cost you anything to call and talk to an attorney to see what options you have.

Please be aware that persons hurt by a dangerous product have only a limited period of time to settle claims or file lawsuits for damages. Those limited periods of time are determined by various state and federal laws. Failure to have all claims settled or all possible wrongdoers properly sued in court within the deadlines allowed by the appropriate state or federal laws will result in the loss of important rights.

The loss of those rights includes the right to claim damages for injuries. Other rights will also be lost. Please contact us if you intend to pursue your rights to claim damages permitted before these deadlines pass.

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