Torch Fuel Oil Incidents

If your child has been injured due to drinking torch fuel, contact Carr & Carr at 877-392-4878 to talk with an attorney.We represent children against manufacturers of torch fuel used in torches. Small amounts of torch fuel can cause death or serious injury if swallowed and aspirated into the lungs. Torch fuel is extremely dangerous to young children because they think it is juice and will drink it. We believe torch fuel packaging is defective because it is too attractive to these children. We will investigate torch fuel incidents anywhere in the USA. We currently represent families of children harmed in Iowa, Florida and Oklahoma.

CHART - Children Exposed To Lamp Oil through 2012

Carr & Carr Attorneys has experience helping parents and relatives of children who have been injured or killed due to torch fuel oil incidents. Contact a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney today to see if we can help you. Call 877-392-4878 to speak with an attorney right now. With offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we are able to help families throughout Oklahoma; we will travel anywhere in the United States to investigate torch fuel incidents.

There are certain time limits within which you must file a lawsuit to protect any rights you might have. These time limits are called “statutes of limitations.” If you want to preserve your rights, you must file a law suit against each person or company whom you might make a claim against before the time limits expire. Any person who is sued after these time deadlines will be able to have the claims against them dismissed.

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