Client Testimonials

I was hit by a car. I dislocated my shoulder, I broke my shoulder and I had a hairline fracture in my head. It was the worst pain I have ever been in in my entire life. Everything was amazing. These people, when I got injured I didn't know what was going on and, and then I came here and they were so warm and so welcoming and, and they were so nice and they took care of everything.
Kodee S.
Hit by a Car
Penny W. was riding on a motorcycle with her fiancé when a car ran a red light and hit them. She was badly hurt and had to be off work while recovering from injuries. “Even though I was stressed out, they still made me feel like everything was going to be taken care of.”
Penny W.
Motorcycle Accident
Keri J. was driving her employer’s van on the freeway when two other cars crashed and caused her to hit the concrete barrier and wreck. “They answered all my questions. They were professional, friendly, very down-to-earth and assured me they would take care of everything.”
Keri J.
Automobile Accident
“Everything was great. We were very happy with your job. Thank you.”
Maria H.
"They did a very well job with everything after I got in my car wreck. My dad had recommended coming here. So, we did, and everything went very smoothly. So that was good."
Hailey H.
“This is the only time I ever needed a lawyer and the experience was just what I needed in my time of need. Thank you all.”
Eddie R.
“Your services are very good. Will be back. All that I worked with are very nice. Love working with Carr & Carr.”
Ella L.
“Las secretarias siempre fueron muy amables.”
Maria R.
“I have been very pleased with my whole overall dealing with everyone at Carr & Carr. I’ve already recommended the firm to others.”
Talitha S.
I got a phone call at 4:24 in the morning and was to call that my brother had coded. He went into respiratory arrest and he has a global brain injury because of it. My first goal was that something be put in place so this didn't happen to somebody else. I was so, so impressed with Carr and Carr that I would definitely recommend them. When a serious injury affects your family you need someone who will fight for you. Call Carr and Carr today.
Angela W.
Traumatic Brain Injury
“Your personnel were so great. They were always pleasant and very understanding. If ever needed, will definitely use again.”
Malvra W.
Carr & Carr did a fantastic job! I would recommend anybody use them. They do it all!
Kelly C.
Client Testimonial
“Everyone was welcoming. Very nice. Always took care of me.”
Jessica T.
Gary L. “I have recommended Carr and Carr to a neighbor in a situation, it was the first and the only firm that I have recommended. ”
Gary L.
Wrongful Death
Amber C. was a passenger in a car sitting at a stop light when an SUV ran into the car. “Carr & Carr works magic. They can help you out of the toughest situations. They are there for you and they can get your case settled.”
Amber C.
Automobile Accident
“Your office staff met all the requirements. I liked the friendly and warm welcome by all staff that works there. Thanks so much for the wonderful job that you’ve done for me.”
Violet O.
Jesse was a passenger in his car that went airborne after impact. “It’s really neat to have someone on your side. She guided me to where I needed to go to get better.”
Car Wreck
Catherine was hit in the driver’s side door by a truck going about 50 miles per hour. “My attorney was a godsend to me. I don’t think this would have been handled this well by anybody else.”
Truck Accident
“There is no need to improve.”
Amie R.
“Awesome service!”
Levi D.
I was in a car wreck. My car was paid for and it got totaled and I had received certain injuries. I had some teeth knocked out. I came to Carr & Carr to seek help and representation against the driver of the other vehicle. During that time I received nothing but the utmost courtesy, respect. They provided me with doctors that I needed to see and gave me continuous feedback as to what was going on with the case. I have been treated fairly with the utmost respect and if I was, if something, God forbid, ever happened again, I would come back, because I have, I've been treated very fairly with the people here at Carr & Carr. So thank you.
Lisa H.
Car accident
“The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable on resources and legal issues.”
Ashley M.
Katy L. was injured in a car wreck when another driver failed to yield at a red light. “They were very thorough in explaining my steps that I need to take. I never had to call another insurance company after my wreck.”
Katy L.
Automibile Accident
Sharon was driving to the bank before work when she was hit. “Carr & Carr just helped me get my life back on track.”
Car Wreck
“Had a wonderful experience! So very helpful.”
Nichole K.

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