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Why Would A Car Wreck Be Reconstructed?

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Car wrecks might be reconstructed after a serious crash which resulted in death or catastrophic injury.  Reconstructing an auto accident can help an attorney determine the cause, and consequently your next legal step.  Car wrecks typically occur because of:

  • human error — the driver was not paying attention, was confused, or made a mistake
  • mechanical errors — problems with the car can occur unexpectedly
  • inclement weather — rain, snow, hail, sleet, even severe winds can cause a wreck
  • roadway maintenance issues — missing signage, broken traffic lights or unmarked hazards can contribute to accident.

Investigators begin at the scene of the wreck to attempts to recreate what happened immediately before, during and after the accident.  They review the following, as well as any additional pertinent information they discover during their work:

  • victim and witness statements
  • photos of the accident scene
  • physical inspection and photos of the vehicles involved
  • pre- and post-impact skid marks
  • measurements taken at the accident scene
  • weather and lighting conditions
  • traffic signals and signs
  • driving histories of the drivers involved
  • activities of the drivers immediately prior to the event
  • examination of guardrails, crash cushions, and utility poles
  • roadway conditions
  • repair and maintenance history of the vehicles involved
  • physics and geometry.

Contrary to what you see on television, most accidents are not reconstructed.  In fact, fender benders and accidents resulting in minor injuries are typically not reconstructed.  However, if someone is killed or heavily injured, and there is a dispute with an insurance company, accident reconstructions can be helpful for settlements and trials.

Carr & Carr employs a full-time crash investigator who has 35 years of experience.  Ken Jones, who has been with Carr & Carr Attorneys since 1988, has investigated thousands of accidents.  Ken’s expertise is a crucial part of litigation strategy when there is a dispute between an insurance company and a person who has been hurt, or the family of somene who was killed in a wreck.

If you have been hurt in a car wreck, contact the Oklahoma car accident  lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys for a free consultation.  With two offices in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City, each lawyer will be available to help you no matter where you live in the state of Oklahoma.

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