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Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Injury Accident

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If you were hurt in a car accident caused by another driver, it’s natural to assume that insurance will pay for the medical expenses and other damages to help restore your life.

But insurance companies are motivated by profits, not by helping consumers who pay for their services. In fact, insurance adjusters are trained to look for ways to limit potential payouts or deny claims altogether.

The Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys at Law understand how critical your initial dealings with insurance companies can be to your claim. Saying the wrong things or agreeing to the first settlement offer can affect your ability to recover the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident caused by a negligent driver, call us at 866-510-0580 or contact us online for a free consultation before you discuss the collision with your insurance provider.

Our experienced car accident lawyers can help you understand your options and fight for the financial security you need.

Talking to Your Insurance Company after a Crash

insurance adjuster Holding Digital Tablet Examining Damaged Car
Insurance adjusters are trained to look for ways to limit payouts or deny claims.

After reporting your crash to law enforcement and receiving necessary medical attention, you will need to notify your insurance provider about the accident.

When talking with your insurance company about a crash, be honest but don’t volunteer unsolicited information and don’t admit fault (even if you believe you’re at least partially to blame for the accident). Your insurance agent should only ask about the basic details of the accident, including:

  • The date, time, and location of the crash
  • The name of the responding law enforcement agency
  • The names and contact information for other involved drivers and vehicle occupants
  • The insurance information for other involved drivers

While you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible after a crash, it’s also a good idea to consult with a lawyer first if the wreck resulted in significant injuries or if there are questions about who caused the accident.

Talking to Other Drivers’ Insurance Providers after a Crash

Car Key on an Insurance Policy
You are not legally obligated to provide statements to other drivers’ insurance companies after a wreck.

In the days following a car accident, the insurance providers for other involved drivers may call you. You are NOT legally required to give a statement to other drivers’ insurance companies.

It’s in your best interest to politely decline to answer their questions and to refer them to your own insurance provider or your car accident lawyer. Do not consent to a recorded interview, do not discuss fault, and do not provide information about the severity of your injuries.

The agents for other drivers’ insurance providers may attempt to ask you leading questions that could paint you and your claim into a corner. They may seek information they can use to shift liability or reduce the value of your claim.

Don’t Settle for the First Settlement

Accident injury victims are often faced with costly medical expenses and time away from work. Insurance companies know many injury victims need money for damages as soon as possible, and they may pressure you to accept what seems like a sizable settlement.

But insurance companies’ initial settlement offers are rarely enough to cover injury victims’ long-term needs. Even seemingly minor injuries may require extensive rehabilitation or necessitate time off work that results in lost earnings.

You are not obligated to accept an insurer’s settlement offer. The experienced car accident lawyers at Carr & Carr understand the long-range costs associated with injuries, and we work hard to get crash victims the financial security they need to move forward with their lives.

Beware Social Media Pitfalls

Social media concept art
After a crash, avoid posting details about the accident and your injuries on social media.

Following a motor vehicle crash, insurance adjusters will seek evidence they can use to limit or deny a claim. One of the first places they look is social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Any content you share could become suspect amid the injury claim process. Avoid posting details about the crash and your injuries. It’s best to simply take a break from social media until your claim is resolved, but you should at least take the following precautions:

  • Ensure that your accounts are private
  • Do not accept new friend requests until your case is complete
  • Ask family members and friends to refrain from posting anything related to your crash or your injuries

The personal injury lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys at Law are dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims from Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

With offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Springdale, AR, we’re here for you when you need help most. Call us today at 866-510-0580 for your free consultation or contact us online.

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