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Michael E. Carr is a third-generation lawyer who joined the family business in 2009 and works out of the Midtown Tulsa personal injury office.

He graduated with distinction from the University of Oklahoma. He earned a Juris Doctor degree at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

He has handled cases across the country and prosecuted numerous cases involving serious injury and death caused by negligent individuals and companies. Michael has litigated a variety of cases ranging from automobile collisions to complex product liability.

He has successfully represented clients against major corporations such as Wal-Mart, the Ford Motor Company, and a variety of insurance companies. He has taken numerous cases to trial and achieved many settlements and verdicts, some of which include:

Our young client suffered a traumatic brain injury after becoming entangled by window blind cords that were defective and unreasonably dangerous. Recovery of $15.5 million against the window blind manufacturer for the child to be placed into a trust account to help take care of her for the rest of her life.

A semi-truck ran into the back of our clients’ vehicle causing them to roll into the median, killing the husband and severely injuring the wife. Recovery of $7.6 million for the victim’s family.

An intoxicated driver crossed the center line while making a phone call and crashed into another vehicle causing the death of the other driver. Recovery of $6.6 million for the victim’s family.

Semi-truck turned in front of motorcycle on a highway, causing the death of the motorcycle driver. Recovery of $3.5 million for the victim’s family.

Child died after becoming trapped inside of a 70-year-old Hope Chest that was defectively designed with a self-locking lid with no airholes. Plaintiff sued successor company twice removed from the company who made the Hope Chest. Represented child’s family and achieved a confidential 7 figure settlement.

Our client was a mother of one adult child. She was killed by an on-the-job-driver who crossed the centerline while under the influence of cocaine and methamphetamine. Recovery of $2.5 million for the victim’s family.

Semi-truck failed to exit in his exit-only lane and instead went straight and collided into another semi-truck driver, causing that driver to become paralyzed from the waist down. Recovery of $1 million insurance policy limit for the victim.

A local bar kept serving vodka shots to an obviously intoxicated customer and then allowed the customer to go home. Shortly after driving away from the bar, the driver crossed the center line and collided with another vehicle causing his death. A recovery of $1 million insurance policy limit for the victim’s family from a lawsuit against the bar for over-serving the customer.

Semi-truck improperly backed onto a highway, causing another vehicle to impact the semi-truck and causing the death of the occupant. Recovery of $1 million insurance policy limit for the victim’s family.

Defectively designed dresser tipped over and killed 2-year-old child. Confidential settlement for the victim’s mother and father.

Defectively manufactured firework exploded prematurely, seriously injuring a firefighter. Settlement of $850,000.

Defectively manufactured blender caused two of the victim’s fingers to be sliced off. Recovery of $750,000.00 against the designer and seller of the blender.

A negligent driver rear ended our client causing minor visible damage to the rear of our client’s vehicle. However, as a result of the collision, our client developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). We retained a highly respected expert in CRPS to testify that our client developed CRPS from the collision. Recovery of $725,000 for the client.

Semi-truck driver ignored a traffic control device and collided head-on with a passenger vehicle. Policy limit settlement of $680,000.

Defectively manufactured food processor began operating unexpectedly, causing injury to a woman’s finger. $500,000 recovery.

A tea light package with button batteries was sold without warnings which led to the death of a 2 year old girl. Confidential settlement for the victim’s family.

A family’s truck caught on fire due to a design defect in the truck. $500,000 recovery.

A negligent driver pulled out in front of a motorcycle driver who was escorting a funeral procession. Post-jury verdict settlement of $200,000.

Michael and his wife married in 2006 and they happily reside in Tulsa with their daughter, Eleanor, and son, Daniel. In his free time, he enjoys coaching his daughter’s basketball team and volunteering for social causes.

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