Do I Have to Go to Court for My Oklahoma Car Accident?

The truth is that most cases involving Oklahoma car accidents do not go all the way through a trial.  Many settle without ever even having to have a lawsuit filed.  However, at Carr & Carr, we do take cases to court and trial if that’s what is needed to achieve justice for our clients.  Law firms that never file lawsuits or go to trial build up a poor reputation among insurance carriers and that leads to settlement offers being low. Since insurance carriers know that Carr and Carr does go to trial if that’s what it takes, we have a reputation that leads to better settlement offers.

What to do after a car accident can be complicated in terms of how to proceed. At Carr and Carr, our lawyers can work towards resolving your car crash case in a way that minimizes stress for you and puts money in your pocket so that you aren’t burdened with medical bills and lost wages.

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