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Filing an Oklahoma Car Accident Claim

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You have just been injured in an Oklahoma car crash – do you need assistance in filing a claim for compensation? Attorney Michael Carr of Carr & Carr, Attorneys at Law explains that many individuals not only find the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable car collision claim attorney helpful, but crucial, in obtaining compensation for their injuries. The recovery process can be long and complicated: a skilled attorney is not only able to guide an injured client through each step of the civil claim process but he or she can also increase the likelihood that the client’s claim will be successful.

Reasons to Seek Legal Help in Filing a Case

There are other reasons that make hiring an attorney to help you with your car crash claim a good idea, including:

  • Your peace of mind while you heal: Preparing and pursuing a claim of compensation following a car crash requires the inured client to speak with a number of individuals (some of whom may not be particularly sympathetic to your injuries, your physical or mental condition, or your need for compensation. This group can include insurance adjustors and attorneys representing the other individuals involved in the crash. If you retain the services of an attorney, he or she can handle these unpleasant circumstances on your behalf so you are able to focus your attention on your health and recovery.
  • Vastly superior investigative resources: An essential part of any successful car crash claim is a thorough investigation into the cause(s) of the crash. This can involve locating and talking to witnesses who saw the accident, recovering evidence such as photographs, diagrams, the results of any blood or breath tests performed on the at-fault driver, and other critical information necessary to prove your case. While an injury victim is capable of accomplishing this investigation, a dedicated car crash law firm has the time and resources to be able to perform these important tasks more efficiently.
  • Greater familiarity with the law: There are substantive and procedural statutes and rules your claim must satisfy if it is to be successful. These statutes and rules govern what information the claim you file in court must contain, the timeframe within which your claim must be filed, and the manner in which the other parties involved in your claim (like the allegedly-negligent defendant) are to be notified of your claim. Failing to meet these requirements can result in your claim being dismissed. While you may be able to refile your claim in most cases, this requires additional time and resources.

A lawyer’s greater familiarity with the law is especially useful after a lawsuit is initiated and the allegedly negligent defendant and his or her attorney attempt to have your claim dismissed as a matter of law (which would prevent you from refiling your case). It can take days for a layperson with no legal background to perform the legal research required to properly respond to the legal motions and arguments of the opposing side. An attorney, however, is skilled in performing legal research and writing, enabling him or her to respond effectively and efficiently to the motions and arguments of the opposing counsel.

When Should You Call an Attorney for Help?

If you determine you need the assistance of an Oklahoma car crash attorney, retain the services of Carr & Carr, Attorneys at Law as soon as possible. The earlier an attorney intervenes in your case, the more benefit you will be able to experience from having that attorney’s assistance. Call Carr & Carr today at 866-510-0580 to discuss your case and how our skilled legal team can help you with your car crash claim. We have offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Northwest Arkansas.  We can also meet with you wherever you live.

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