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How To Appeal a Denied SSD Claim

Social Security disability benefits can help many individuals and families regain financial stability after a disease or injury. If you can’t work anymore due to a long-term disability, you may be eligible for Social Security disability (SSD) payments. Unfortunately, the application process is complicated and approximately 55 to 60 percent of initial SSD claims are denied. However, if your claim isn’t successful, you have the right to appeal.

The personal injury attorneys at Carr & Carr have helped many Oklahoma clients successfully appeal denied SSD claims. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll discuss your situation and help you figure out the best way to proceed. To get started on your Social Security disability appeal, call us at (888) 238-0626. You can also reach us through our online form.

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Social Security Disability Claim

These Mistakes Will Sink Your SSD Claim

denied ssd
Denied Social Security Disability application form

From 2001 to 2010, the Social Security Administration’s data showed that denied disability claims averaged over 50 percent. Why are so many claims denied?

There are a number of reasons, but common mistakes made on applications, like misunderstanding your condition or failure to give the right information, can lead to denial.

Our team of SSD attorneys at Carr & Carr break down some of the most common mistakes seen on SSD applications and how they can be avoided.

If you have questions about your application or need help appealing a denied claim in Oklahoma, call (866) 510-0580 for a free consultation. You can also contact the Carr & Carr office by filling out a form online.

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How To Appeal A Denied SSD Claim

Did you know that the average number of denied Social Security Disability claims is around 62 percent?

This high rate of initial denial can be discouraging for individuals struggling with a disability.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may deny claims for a number of reasons, including income limits, medical conditions, incorrect or incomplete filing, and more.

However, you can appeal your denied Social Security Disability claim by filing an appeal. Filing an appeal can be a confusing and time-consuming process. There are various levels of appeal that require supporting evidence to make your claim, which we’re sharing here.

If you need help appealing your denied claim or completing an initial application, an experienced disability attorney at Carr & Carr can help. Call Carr & Carr at 866-510-0580 for a free consultation.  

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