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We are learning the dangers of Spray Foam Insulation. Homeowners and contractors are using this material as an environmentally safe insulation. The ease of installation has homeowners excited for an easier project. Polyurethane foam insulation continue to rise in popularity. The manufacturers claim spray foam insulation is safe, non-toxic, and offers advantages over traditional insulation products because it offers a sealed, monolithic insulation material. In fact, spray foam insulation is made of dangerous chemicals that, when mixed improperly, result in immediate and ongoing exposure to carcinogenic fumes and dangerous chemicals.

If you believe you have been exposed to these chemicals during installation of or after installation, we may be able to help. The experienced attorneys at Carr and Carr have helped thousands of clients across the nation with cases involving dangerous products. We offer a free consultation, call today at 866-510-0580 or contact us online to get started now.

Dangers of Spray Foam Exposure

Polyurethane spray foam is a two-part compound that is mixed on site. Two types (open cell and closed cell) are available from many different manufacturers, under more than a dozen product names:

Manufacturers: Icynene Lapolla, BASF, NCFI Polyurethanes, Johns Manville, Dow, Demilec, Huntsman

Open cell spray foam: Enertite, Sealection 500, Agribalance, Demilecapx, Classic, Classic Ultra, Ultra Plus, Foam-Lok, JM Corbond, Sealtite

Closed cell spray foam: Walltite, Heatlock, Pro Seal, Foam-Lok 2000, JM Corbond IV, Insul Star, Insul Bloc

Spray foam insulation has resulted in acute and long-term exposure to toxic and harmful chemical gases. Spray foam insulation has been found to contain formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance. A powerful chemical reaction takes place when spray foam insulation is mixed onsite that is not free of risk. Installers are required to wear full protective gear while working and ensure ventilation throughout the installation process and for the 24 successive hours.

The Safety Data Sheet also includes warning information indicating a risk for breathing / lung problems, liver, kidney, and nervous system damage, and birth defects from spray foam insulation. In cases where the chemicals were mixed incorrectly, the product served to trap its own hazardous fumes into the home and continued to off-gas over the course of years, creating a gas chamber. Occupants of such homes have developed severe and debilitating health problems, and their homes have been rendered uninhabitable.

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