Paraquat Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

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If you or a loved one have had extensive exposure to Paraquat in a commercial setting and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, please contact Carr and Carr Attorneys at Law for a free Paraquat consultation. The experienced attorneys at Carr and Carr in Tulsa and Oklahoma City have helped Oklahomans and people across the nation hurt by dangerous products.

Why and how is Paraquat effecting people?

Plaintiffs in numerous pending Paraquat lawsuits have alleged that extensive exposure to Paraquat, over several years, can cause Parkinson’s disease. Plaintiffs further allege that the makers of Paraquat knew of this link between Paraquat and Parkinson’s disease, and the resulting danger to the public for many years but failed to properly warn individuals that could be potentially exposed.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects predominately neurons in a specific area of the brain called substantia nigra.

Symptoms generally develop slowly over years. The progression of symptoms is a bit different from one person to another due to the diversity of the disease. People with Parkinson’s disease may experience:

  • Tremor, mainly at rest; other forms of tremor are possible
  • Bradykinesia (slowness of movement)
  • Limb rigidity
  • Gait and balance problems

Although there is no cure, treatment options vary and include medications and surgery. While Parkinson’s itself is not fatal, disease complications can be serious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rated complications from Parkinson’s disease as the 14th cause of death in the United States.

What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is a toxic chemical that is widely used as an herbicide (plant killer), primarily for weed and grass control. In the United States, Paraquat is available primarily as a liquid in various strengths. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies Paraquat as “restricted use.” This means that it can be used only by people who are licensed applicators.

Because Paraquat is highly poisonous, the form that is marketed in the United States has a blue dye to keep it from being confused with beverages such as coffee, a sharp odor to serve as a warning, and an added agent to cause vomiting if someone drinks it.

Paraquat was first produced for commercial purposes in 1961. Worldwide, Paraquat is still one of the most used herbicides. In the United States, due to its toxicity, Paraquat is available for use only by commercially licensed users.

Carr and Carr Attorneys

Farmers, agricultural workers, and anyone exposed to Paraquat may be entitled to significant compensation. And to secure your rights to compensation, you need an experienced legal team on your side.

Compensation for injury victims in product liability cases may include money for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages or loss of earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability

For almost 50 years, Carr and Carr have fought to get injured victims the compensation they deserve.

We offer free consultations to help you understand your rights after being injured by a defective product, and we don’t charge unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

If you or a loved one suffered harm due to Paraquat, please call us at 866-510-0580 for your free case consultation or contact us online to tell us your story now.

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