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Representing Individuals Who Have Been Hurt or Treated Unfairly.

The Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas personal injury lawyers at the Carr & Carr Attorneys At Law represent individuals who have been hurt or treated unfairly.  We believe that the protection of individual rights is absolutely necessary to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.  At Carr & Carr, each lawyer fights for the rights of the individual.  We are dedicated to representing individuals and their families.

Our experienced Oklahoma and Arkansas attorneys have fought for our clients in courts throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and other states.  We have successfully represented people who have suffered a wide range of devastating injuries including catastrophic brain and spinal injuries.  These injuries occurred in car crashes, railroad accidents, oil field blowouts, plane crashes; due to defective medical devices, drugs or products; and slip and falls, to name a few.  We have also successfully represented our clients in a wide variety of insurance claims.

We Can Help You In Oklahoma and Arkansas Or Across The Nation

When you are hurt, the thing that matters is getting help from someone who knows what they are doing.  Working with an experienced personal injury attorney and a firm you can trust is crucial.  The lawyers at Carr & Carr can help you, no matter where you live or were injured.  We can help if you:

  • Live in Oklahoma or Arkansas and were hurt here.
  • Live in Oklahoma or Arkansas but were injured out of state, whether away on business or pleasure.
  • Live in another state but were hurt while visiting or working in Oklahoma or Arkansas, or even just passing through the state.

In fact, we can help you if you live in another state or even country and were hurt anywhere.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas or not; what does matter is that you work with knowledgeable lawyers who can protect your rights.  Contact the lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys for help and a free initial consultation.  Our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Northwest Arkansas in Springdale allow us to serve clients across the region.


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