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Carr & Carr Gives Back to the Tulsa Community

The personal injury lawyers at the Carr & Carr Attorneys At Law represent individuals who have been hurt or treated unfairly. At Carr & Carr, each lawyer fights for the rights of the individual. We are dedicated to representing individuals and their families.

Beyond the commitment to the injured and the commitment to justice, Carr & Carr has a passion to give back to the community and get involved. Pat Carr has been a runner for many years and sees many homeless people during his runs around Tulsa.  He decided to become more involved in the assistance of groups who help the homeless. Continue reading “Carr & Carr Gives Back to the Tulsa Community”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Carr and Carr Attorneys are advocates for our clients and all of Oklahoma to stay healthy, get healthy and know the steps for early detection. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; finding or detecting breast cancer early gives you the best chance for successful treatments. Below are a few common breast symptoms to be aware of and five ways to reduce your breast cancer risk according to cancer.org. Continue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

Carr & Carr Attorney Involved in Group that Donated $20K to AAROC

AAROC Board of Directors
L-R: Lisa Jensen (AAROC Board of Directors), Ron Stout (NASSAM vehicle owner), Chris Jackson (NASSAM 2016 Co-Organizer), Chris Brinkley (NASSAM 2016 Head Organizer), Karen Brinkley (NASSAM 2016 Co-Organizer), Karen Swan (NASSAM 2016 attendee), David Jensen (son of Lisa Jensen), Jerry Swan (NASSAM 2016 Organizing Committee

Chris Brinkley, one of the attorneys at Carr & Carr, and his wife Karen are big Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice roadster fans.  As the organizers of the 11th North American Solstice Sky Annual Meet (NASSAM) this past summer, Chris and Karen, along with a bunch of their NASSAM friends, took part in some fundraising activities to raise money for a cause about which they are passionate. Continue reading “Carr & Carr Attorney Involved in Group that Donated $20K to AAROC”

Carr & Carr Employees Share Spirit Of Giving With 11 Local Nonprofit Groups

iStock 000018777276XSmall Give sign for donations1
Carr & Carr emloyees donated to 11 non-profit organizations during this holiday season.

As we have done for the past several years, Carr & Carr has treated its employees from both offices to a yummy lunch at Five Oaks Lodge just outside of Jenks.  We play games and try to win prize money but the cash is not for ourselves; the prize money is donated to local non-profit groups.  Each employee who wins one of the games gets to select the organization to receive their winning money. Continue reading “Carr & Carr Employees Share Spirit Of Giving With 11 Local Nonprofit Groups”

Oklahoma County Jury Rules in Favor of Carr & Carr Client

Attorneys Tye Smith and Greg Smart from our Oklahoma City office obtained a verdict in favor of a Carr & Carr client  in a disputed red light case.  Our client injured her hand after proceeding into an intersection.  A witness at the scene said he was behind our client and that she had a green arrow.  The other driver produced a witness later who claimed she was present and that our client had a red light. Continue reading “Oklahoma County Jury Rules in Favor of Carr & Carr Client”

Carr & Carr Client Receives Three Times What Insurance Company Offered After Car Wreck

A Tulsa County jury returned a verdict for $30,000 in favor of a Carr & Carr client today. Attorney Tye Smith from our Oklahoma City office tried the case for three days before the jury returned its verdict.  The other driver, who was insured by State Farm, had only a $25,000 liability policy, resulting in an excess verdict against State Farm’s insured customer. Continue reading “Carr & Carr Client Receives Three Times What Insurance Company Offered After Car Wreck”

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