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Hit by Someone Driving a Borrowed Car?

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Are my medical costs covered by their insurance?

Insurance policy regulations concerning what is covered vary from state to state.  But, generally speaking, a car insurance policy usually covers the licensed driver who is operating the vehicle. 

This can be good news if you were the injured person, but it is still a very complicated issue.

If you have been hurt in an accident where the other driver was at fault and driving a borrowed car, there are a few things you need to do.

At the scene of the accident, talk with the other driver to get insurance information for the vehicle they were driving and the driver’s insurance information. 

It is possible that be the owner’s and the driver’s insurance can help pay for your medical costs, so you should be sure to get policy and contact information on both.

In the days and weeks after your wreck, follow your doctor’s wellness plan in order to recover as fully as possible. 

This means take your medication as directed, attend physical therapy sessions,  participate in rehabilitative exercises, and make follow-up visits to your physician.

As soon as you are physically able, get a copy of the police report to help verify what happened.  Also, save any paperwork related to the crash, including medical information, car repair documentation, and insurance data.

As soon as possible, talk with an OKC car accident attorney if you or your family member was injured — a local attorney will help protect your rights, which will likely not be a top priority for other people involved. 

An attorney who helps car crash victims can help you:

  • Find out if the other driver has valid insurance and what type of coverage applies to your situation.
  • Determine who caused the wreck.  This is typically done by an accident reconstruction specialist if severe injuries or death resulted due to the wreck.
  • Get your current and future medical bills paid.
  • Collect for lost wages if you were required by your doctor to be off work.
  • Receive compensation for permanent injuries along with pain and suffering caused by the wreck.

In this complex type of situation, you might be able to recover money for your losses, depending on the circumstances. 

For example, if the driver had permission to drive but was not the owner, they normally will have liability coverage up to state minimum financial responsibility limits

This minimum amount can be different in every state, so check with a lawyer to find out about your state’s dollar figure.

If the car owner has no insurance, you might be able to make a claim against the driver if they have insurance, even though their car was not involved in the wreck.

If the insurance policy of the car owner is not enough to cover your medical costs caused by the wreck, then you may be able to file an additional claim against the driver if they have insurance.

When dealing with the problems that arise out of an auto accident involving a driver other than the main policyholder, there are typically many people involved — police, witnesses, injured passengers, the driver, the car owner, doctors or other medical service providers, accounting departments, bill collectors. 

It can be a complicated mess.  If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is talk to a local car accident who helps people who have been involved with car wrecks.  A car accident attorney can relieve the stress and help you determine what the next steps will most benefit your family.

Since 1973, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Carr & Carr in Oklahoma City and Tulsa have successfully obtained compensation for victims of auto accidents. 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or losses because of a car wreck, contact the car accident lawyers at Carr & Carr today or call 866-510-0580.  Our personal injury lawyers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can help you no matter where you live in Oklahoma.

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