“Just A Fender Bender” Can Cause Serious Injury

“Just a fender bender” can cause painful injuries and unseen car damage.  Click on this video and watch closely to see how the car’s driver gets a serious jolt from what seems like a minor crash.

A neck injury can cause discomfort that can last weeks or even months.  If you’ve been in an accident, even if you think it was not that big of a deal, contact your physician to evaluate possible injuries including whiplash and other neck or back injuries.

Also, even if your car does not appear to have damage, you should have it checked out by your mechanic.  Car bumpers are designed to reduce impact on car occupants, so the force of the impact is distributed to the car’s frame.  A trained mechanic will know what areas to inspect to ensure your car is still safe.

After a car wreck, no matter how small, contact the Oklahoma and Arkansas car wreck lawyers at Carr & Carr Attorneys to learn how insurance should be helping to take care of your situation.  If you are having difficulty resolving problems, call an attorney at 1-877-392-4878.

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