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What To Do If A Medical Lien Has Been Filed Against You

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If you have been involved in an injury accident recently, it is very likely that a medical lien has been filed against you.  And it is also possible that you did not even know it was filed.  This can be a little unsettling, especially if you feel you did nothing wrong.

What To Do If A Medical Lien Has Been Filed Against You

  1. Remain calm. Although learning that a medical lien has been filed against you might have been a surprise, it is not an insurmountable problem.  With knowledgeable people on your side, you can begin to take action and reduce your stress level.
  2. Call Carr & Carr, a personal injury law firm. An attorney who regularly works with injured people will be your strongest advocate.  It doesn’t matter whether your injury involved a car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, scooter, or a defective product.  If  you were hurt, you need to talk with a lawyer today.
  3. Keep track of your medical receipts and other documents. Any time you are hurt and receive medical treatment, you are bound to have mountains of paperwork.  Some will be mailed to you, some will be given to you at the medical provider’s office, and some might even be emailed to you.  You need to keep all of your paperwork together.
  4. Follow the doctor’s orders. It it important that you follow your physician’s directions concerning your care.  If you were instructed to have a follow-up visit in a few weeks, do it — even if you are no longer feeling any pain.

How Can Carr & Carr Attorneys Help Me?

Using the services of a law firm will definitely help take the stress off of you during this legal process.  A personal injury attorney, along with his or her team of claims analysts, investigators and legal assistants, can help determine if someone else might be financially responsible for your medical bills, and if so, help get the bills paid by the insurance company working with the negligent person.

Why Do Medical Providers File Liens?

Businesses that provide medical services — ambulances, emergency room physicians, family doctors, helicopter transport companies, chiropractors, laboratories, hospitals, urgent care centers, etc. — file liens to protect their businesses against non-payment.  Sometimes people who have been injured do not pay their medical bills, even after they got money from an insurance company.  By filing a lien, the medical provider is simply taking steps to make sure they receive money for the work they have done.  An attorney can work on your behalf to get the medical bills paid by the insurance company, and get the lien removed.

What Should I Do Next?

Call 1-866-510-0580 now to talk with someone who can answer questions for you. Or email us and we’ll get promptly get back to you.

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