What Makes Products Unreasonably Dangerous?

What is a dangerous product? How can you tell a product is dangerous? Well, the term Dangerous product is very ambiguous, it can include anything from unsafe children’s toys, to defective medical devices. The main objective for a product to be considered defective, or dangerous, is that it must be deemed as “unreasonably dangerous” to the consumer.

Injured by Dangerous Product?

Remember these tips if you or someone you love has been injured by a product you feel is dangerous:

  • Seek medical treatment as quickly as possible
  • Take notes about how the injury occurred
  • Keep the product that caused injury
  • Store the product in a safe place until your claim is resolved
  • Contact Carr & Carr- the sooner you talk with us, the sooner we can start to help


Video Transcription:

People wonder well what makes a product unreasonably dangerous because some products are dangerous but not unreasonably dangerous. Well under our law unreasonably dangerous is what the typical consumer believes to be more dangerous than it has to be.  For instance, a battery that explodes when you hook it up to a car.  Batteries can explode but they’re not supposed to when you’re just hooking them up to a car. So that could make a battery unreasonably dangerous.
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