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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween safety tip 1

Follow these simple safety tips to have a fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tip #1:

Halloween safety tips

Plus, trick-or-treating is much more fun with a group of friends! So remember, always be in a group or with another person when out on Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tip #2:


Halloween safety tip 2

You may be dressed as a magical being, but that doesn’t mean you are safe from cars. Make sure you are visible to drivers at night.

Halloween Safety Tip #3:

Halloween safety tips 3

Trust us, there is plenty of candy out there. Don’t risk your safety for more candy.

Halloween Safety Tip #4:

Halloween safety tip 4

Eating homemade treats from home is one thing, but don’t accept homemade treats from strangers- no matter how delicious they may look.

Halloween Safety Tip #5:

Halloween Safety Tip 5

This should really be a year round tip. Make sure you are aware of the vehicles around you and whenever possible, stay on the sidewalk.

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