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Tire Defects Can Cause Rollovers, Wrecks, Injuries And Death

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Defective tires can cause wrecks, injuries and death.

Defective tires can cause major problems for drivers — loss of control of your vehicle which can lead to a wreck, resulting in injury or death.  A blowout or shredded tire on a car or truck can quickly cause a rollover accident, frequently at highway speeds.

Causes of Defective Tires

Defective tires can be caused by poor design or manufacturing negligence.  Tires may be designed in an unsafe manner.  The plant where they are produced may not adhere to safety standards.  The material used may be of an inferior quality.  During the manufacturing process, foreign material may have been included in the mix, and ended up being manufactured into the tire.  The tires may have been sitting in storage for months, or even years, becoming less safe as time goes by.  The bonding materials could be poor quality.  For such a vital component of our vehicles, tires seem to be susceptible to so many dangerous issues.

Injuries Due To Defective Tires

The list of injuries that can be the result of defective tires is endless.  A passenger or driver in a vehicle with defective tires could suffer injuries including:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • broken arms, legs or other bones
  • broken neck or back, possibly resulting in permanent or temporary paralysis
  • internal injuries
  • amputated or severed limbs or decapitation
  • spinal chord damage
  • facial disfigurement
  • death.

Contact Carr & Carr Attorneys Today

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective tire, email the personal injury lawyers at Carr & Carr or call 1-866-510-0580.  Talk with an Arkansas and Oklahoma personal injury attorney for a free consultation.
A good personal injury attorney who works with victims of defective tire accidents might be able to help you recover financial compensation for:
  • pain and suffering due to your accident
  • medical bills and rehabilitation for your injuries
  • lost income due to being off work from your injuries
  • problems caused by a permanent injury.

Who Is Responsible For Defective Tire Accidents?

There may be one person/company responsible for defective tire wrecks, or there may be many potential people/companies at fault.  When a product is at unsafe in a product liability case, the defendant in a product liability case is not necessarily one person or company.  It may be the:

  • designer or developer
  • manufacturer
  • supplier
  • distributor
  • marketer or advertiser
  • seller
  • repairer.

An experienced personal injury attorney can lead an investigative team to help determine who is at fault.  Was the problem caused by poor design?  Then the tire’s designer should be help responsible.  Was the tire poorly made?  Then the manufacturer should be responsible.   Did the distributor, retailer, wholesaler or reseller intentionally sell a product they knew was defective?  Then that organization should be responsible.  There are many questions to be asked, and a thorough investigation is the only way to find the truth.

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