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Beware Of The First Offer From Insurance Companies

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Let’s say you’ve been in a car wreck which wasn’t your fault. Within a couple of days, you likely will get a phone call from the at-fault person’s insurance company. The insurance representative wants to “help” by offering you some fast money right away.

The insurance adjustor says they will pay the ambulance bill, the emergency room visit bill and maybe $500 or $1,000 for pain and suffering, plus leave the medical options open for a specific time period, like six weeks and $1,500 for medical expenses.

Do you think this sounds like a good deal? Well, think again. The problem is that when you accept the insurance company’s offer, you will be required to sign a release stating that the case is closed when you accept that offer. The release is a binding legal agreement that eliminates your future options if your injury worsens. And that means you are stuck.

For example, in the few days after your car crash, your back might be a little sore but you assume it will relax in a few days. But soon thereafter, when you bend down to pick up a basket of laundry or your toddler, you have severe unexpected pain. It is very possible that your back was injured because of the wreck and was irritated a tiny bit with every movement, until finally a more serious injury becomes apparent. Soft tissue injuries are not always immediately obvious to the patient or even their doctor.

At that point, you might need diagnostics, treatment or perhaps even surgery — both unplanned and expensive.  Diagnostic tests such as MRIs or CAT scans can cost thousands of dollars. Physical therapy usually requires many visits in order to properly heal the hurt areas.  Unfortunately, if you signed a release you have no legal remedy to receive compensation for the injury which was caused by your wreck.

If you’ve been injured, even if you think it is just a minor injury, talk to an Oklahoma and Arkansas personal injury lawyer at Carr and Carr before you agree to the insurance company’s offer. Don’t feel pressured to sign a quick settlement just because the insurance adjuster is asking you to. Take the time to learn what your rights and obligations are, to take care of you and your family. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help you gain compensation for:

  • pain and suffering caused by your injury
  • lost wages if your injury required you to miss work
  • current and future medical costs for your crash-related injury
  • problems caused by a permanent injury

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, call Carr & Carr at 1-866-510-0580 or email us now. Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers have offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and work with clients across the state.

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